Do you need instant tech support without a technician at your place?

Would you like to be served in a short time after having the problem declared?

New technologies and Internet allow us to fix many different problems on your computer without having to pay you a visit.

What exactly is Virus remote access?

Most frequent computer problems are related to software meaning the programs that we use on daily basis. Using the available technology, we are able to solve most of them by using remote access. In other word, we’ll be able to solve your problems by not having a technician at your place.

A special designed software will give us a temporary access to your computer so one of our technicians can diagnose and possibly fix the problem that you have. The actual connection only takes a few minutes and the technician will be able to perform all the necessary actions just like if he/she was actually there.


Is it safe?



Many clients might feel uncomfortable using the remote access feature before they actually get to know it a little bit better. They may be afraid a possible data loss or even an unauthorized remote control of their computer by our technician.

You should know that, your data and the control of your computer is absolutely safe and even more secure compared with a physical presence of a technician.

  • Remote Access software doesn’t install any third party program to your computer. In other words, if you don’t actual run the remote access software there is not a possible way of somebody to connect to your PC.
  • Even if you do run the remote access software, the technician is not able to log into your computer before knowing the random password that you have on your screen. (A different password is created every time you run the remote access software and is valid for only one session)
  • During the actual session, all of the technician’s actions will be completely visible by the client so the latter can even learn something from our work.
  • The client has the power to terminate the session at any time he/she feels right by pressing one button.
  • Remote access is very secure and data loss is almost impossible.


A big part of our daily needs is covered by remote support.

Possible problems that can be solved by remote support.

  • Virus removal (virus, spyware, Trojan) and antivirus software installation
  • Software installation
  • Wireless network security setup
  • Create a new e-mail account
  • Peripherals installation like Printer, Scanner, Mp3 player etc.
  • Create Backup
  • Optimize computer’s performance
  • Random errors by using Operating System
  • Slow computer due to the lack of maintenance.

Why should I choose remote support?

Remote support can be superior to other technical support methods for many different reasons. For example:


  • It’s quick: A technician can start working on your problem after having it declared.
  • It’s cheap: Remote support cost is close to half of the actual home visit charge. Just think about transportation cost which is actually eliminated and is usually charged on any other circumstances. Minimum charge will be 30 minutes and is referred the first phase which is diagnosis.
  • Its educational: Client may watch the full session from his/hers end and learn from the technician’s actions.


Unfortunately problems that are related to faulty hardware part and bigger software issues can’t be solved with remote access support.